Retreat, 2018 (Eng)

A Reunion with your Essence
Retreat with Barbara Harper and Guendolyn Joy
facilitated by Zeresh Altork
June 1-3, 2018 - La Bartra, Tarragona

Direct your attention to your heart to live from your true essence.

Surround yourself with nature and good company.

Heal your arrival to this world and the years of primary development.

Barbara Harper is an international midwife, author, and personal transformation facilitator, with more than 30 years of experience. She brings together science, creativity, intuition, and spirituality to help you explore your physical and spiritual connection, understand the importance of birth and the years of primary development, creating an opportunity for self-healing and growth. More information about Barbara en 
Guendolyn Joy, yoga teacher, creator and facilitator of the workshops “I am my Essence”, offers several techniques to turn your dreams into reality, and live in peace and confidence. Learn to get out of your head to create from your true essence, and enjoy a life in tune with your true self. More information about Guendolyn en  

Zeresh Altork, Social psychologist, counselor, doula and coordinator of international workshops and retreats related to personal conscious evolution, and gentle births. She will be interpreting for Barbara Harper. More information about  Zeresh en 

A wonderful retreat in contact with nature. The goal of the retreat, among other things, is to create a safe space in which you will be able to explore your physical and spiritual connection, from your mother’s womb, the primary developmental years, to current experiences, and how to live from your true essence.
Various techniques will be offered to make your dreams a reality, and live in peace of confidence. You will learn to get out of your head to create from your true essence and enjoy a life in tune with your true self. All of which with provide you with an opportunity for self healing, and self empowerment from your true essence.

Activities will include
: yoga, meditation, hypnosis, self-discovery exercises, workshops, talks, free time for nature walks and self-reflection, and meals in community.

About the retreat en La Bartra
The Bartra, at the heart of Prades' mountains in Tarragona, at an altitude of 725 meters, is one of those special places where nature has been generous in creating fanciful shapes: canyons, cliffs, hills, streams and sources, intertwining in perfect harmony and simplicity.
A splendid setting where light, greenery, water, stillness, wild environment and mild climate make us more motivated every day to make this space known and share it with those who are sensitive and respectful toward the environment.

The stay includes room and board, which includes shared rooms and bathrooms, 3 vegetarian meals a day from the garden, plus snacks.

Price: Room and board, plus retreat only 345 Euros.

No cancellations accepted 30 prior to event. Cancellations prior to 30 days will have $50 cancellation fee.

To sign up: Send your information to 

How to get here: La Bartra - Ctra. La Riba-Farena Km. 11 - 43459 Farena (Tarragona) - Tel. 608 94 87 57