Retreat 2022


May 20, 21 and 22, 2022
 La Bartra, Tarragona

A healing and spiritual journey connecting soul and science to improve birth outcomes.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
~ J.R.R. Tolkien 

Frodo, in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, confides to Gandalf that he wishes the task of returning the cursed ring had fallen to someone else and the wizard reminds Frodo that no one gets to dictate what challenges they face. Rather than lamenting unavoidable hardships, time is better spent focusing on the choices within our control and making our time on Earth meaningful.

Birth Guardians heighten their awareness first, then set their intentions. Healing happens when awareness and intention combine, leading us to conscious and connected choices about how we care for ourselves and our loved ones, and the way we do our job as birth care providers.

Join us as we explore the latest science in quantum physics, neurology, psychology, immunology, hypnosis, and the evidence of how the human brain wires for centered, curious, compassionate communication. 

By experiencing techniques that help you become calm, centered, peaceful, and relaxed any time you choose, you can easily share these proven methods with your clients during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

Together we can consciously create new ways of helping women and intentionally change our approach to pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting to achieve better outcomes, less trauma, happier mothers, and healthier newborns. 

Please join us for three exciting and fun-filled days of exploration, movement, music, and exercises for mind, body, and spirit.  

A wonderful retreat in contact with nature, to nourish yourself and discover, through a journey of healing and spirituality, and scientific learning, how to connect soul and science to improve birth outcomes.
Activities will include: master classes, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, self-discovery exercises, talks, free time for nature walks and self-reflection, meals in community and more! (a more detailed agenda will be provided soon).

The Birth Guardian Team

Barbara Harper
is an internationally renown midwife, author, and personal transformation facilitator, with more than 30 years of experience. She brings together science, creativity, intuition, and spirituality to offer a unique experience.

Zeresh Altork, social psychologist, counselor, doula, hypnobirth educator, with over 14 years birth experience, and over 20 years experience as a therapist. She is the retreat facilitator, coordinator, and interpreter.


La Bartra, Tarragona

At the heart of Prades' mountains in Tarragona, at an altitude of 725 meters, is one of those special places where nature has been generous in creating fanciful shapes: canyons, cliffs, hills, streams and sources, intertwining in perfect harmony and simplicity.

A splendid setting where light, greenery, water, stillness, wild environment and mild climate make us more motivated every day to make this space known and share it with those who are sensitive and respectful toward the environment.

The retreat includes room and board, with a shared room and bathrooms, all meals are vegetarian (please make special dietary needs known on registration form).

Price:  295 € before December 1st, 365 € after. Starting in January the price of the retreat will start to go up until all spots are filled.

Languages: English with Spanish interpretation

No cancellations accepted 90 prior to the event. 
Cancellations prior to 90 days will have $50 cancellation fee.

Sign up filling out this FORM 

How to get here: La Bartra - Ctra. La Riba-Farena Km. 11 - 43459 Farena (Tarragona) - Tel. 608 94 87 57